Energy Services

Energy_Meter.gifEMCOR Services Nevada is on the leading edge of green solutions for a changing world climate. We install and design systems that use energy recovery and renewable energy to help owners, facility directors and managers counter increases in energy costs and address budget constraints.

Our experts understand the critical impact that the proper operation of your building systems has on your core business. We provide Energy Evaluation Assessments for buildings that evaluate facility systems, infrastructure, and operations in consideration of additions, renovations, or upgrades to the environmental or process infrastructure. Armed with that information, we identify opportunities to conserve energy and provide recommendations of potential modifications that will enhance your building’s efficiency, commensurate with current codes, technologies, and trends.

In addition, our sales engineers can provide design, engineering and installation cost for solar, heat recovery and geothermal technology.

We are dedicated to help you create and maintain high performance environments while reducing energy and operating costs. Please contact us today for a free Energy Conservation Measures assessment.